Past RNA Journal Club Papers

Title Presenter Datesort icon
Dynamic m6A mRNA methylation directs translational control of heat shock response John Gagnon October 28, 2015
Histone Methylation Dynamics and Gene Regulation Occur through the Sensing of One-Carbon Metabolism Roman Camarda October 21, 2015
The Ro60 autoantigen binds endogenous retroelements and regulates inflammatory gene expression Sergio Covarrubias October 14, 2015
A real “Yin-Yang” situation: Transcriptional interference by antisense RNA is required for circadian clock function Koh Fujinaga October 7, 2015
Massively parallel high-order combinatorial genetics in human cells Michael Boettcher September 30, 2015
Canceled Not in Session September 23, 2015
miR-199a Links MeCP2 with mTOR Signaling and Its Dysregulation Leads to Rett Syndrome Phenotypes D'Juan Farmer September 16, 2015
Intrinsic retroviral reactivation in human preimplantation embryos and pluripotent cells Boris Reznik September 9, 2015
IL-21 induces antiviral microRNA-29 in CD4 T cells to limit HIV-1 infection Daniele Cary September 2, 2015
TBN Michael McManus August 26, 2015
Engineered CRISPR-Cas9 nucleases with altered PAM specificities Scott Hickey August 19, 2015
Cloning-free CRISPR/Cas system facilitates functional cassette knock-in in mice Michelle Raganot August 12, 2015
Live imaging RNAi screen reveals genes essential for meiosis in mammalian oocytes Federica Franciosi August 5, 2015
A Dynamic Search Process Underlies MicroRNA Targeting Malin Akerblom July 29, 2015
Multiplexable, locus-specific targeting of long RNAs with CRISPR-Display James Blau July 22, 2015
In Vivo imaging reveals extracellular vesicle-mediated phenocopying of metastatic behavior Vanille Greiner July 15, 2015
Noncoding RNA transcription targets AID to divergently transcribed loci in B cells Guoxin Liang July 8, 2015
APOBEC3A cytidine deaminase induces RNA editing in monocytes and macrophages Tristan Eifler July 1, 2015
Epigenetics. Multiplex single-cell profiling of chromatin accessibility by combinatorial cellular indexing. John Gagnon June 24, 2015
Genome-wide CRISPR Screen in a Mouse Model of Tumor Growth and Metastasis Gabriel Eades June 17, 2015