Past RNA Journal Club Papers

Title Presenter Datesort icon
Rapid Changes in the Translatome during the Conversion of Growth Cones to Synaptic Terminals Federica Franciosi May 4, 2016
A Small RNA-Catalytic Argonaute Pathway Tunes Germline Transcript Levels to Ensure Embryonic Divisions D'Juan Farmer April 27, 2016
A long noncoding RNA associated with susceptibility to celiac disease James Blau April 20, 2016
Oncogenic Role of Fusion-circRNAs Derived from Cancer-Associated Chromosomal Translocations Malin Akerblom April 13, 2016
Programmable RNA Tracking in Live Cells with CRISPR/Cas9 Gabriel Eades April 6, 2016
DDX5 and its associated lncRNA Rmrp modulate TH17 cell effector functions John Gagnon March 30, 2016
Highly specific epigenome editing by CRISPR-Cas9 repressors for silencing of distal regulatory elements Estefania Tarifeno March 23, 2016
The dynamic N1-methyladenosine methylome in eukaryotic messenger RNA Ryan Hromyak March 16, 2016
CLP1 founder mutation links tRNA splicing and maturation to cerebellar development and neurodegeneration Brian Grone March 9, 2016
Directed evolution of a recombinase that excises the provirus of most HIV-1 primary isolates with high specificity Michael Boettcher March 2, 2016
Let-7 family of microRNA is required for maturation and adult-like metabolism in stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes Roman Camarda February 24, 2016
Sperm tsRNAs contribute to intergenerational inheritance of an acquired metabolic disorder Gabriel Eades February 17, 2016
Primate-Specific ORF0 Contributes to Retrotransposon-Mediated Diversity Boris Reznik February 10, 2016
RNA Directed Non-Mendelian Inheritance Michael McManus February 3, 2016
Functional genetic screens for enhancer elements in the human genome using CRISPR-Cas9 Elenora De Klerk January 27, 2016
The Host Shapes the Gut Microbiota via Fecal MicroRNA D'Juan Farmer January 20, 2016
TBA TBD January 18, 2016
Alternative 3′ UTRs act as scaffolds to regulate membrane protein localization Federica Franciosi January 13, 2016
DGCR8 Acts as an Adaptor for the Exosome Complex to Degrade Double-Stranded Structured James Blau January 6, 2016
Winter Break Not in Session December 30, 2015